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Facial or body blemishes, growth, and cysts can generally be removed quite easily and to the patient's satisfaction with plastic surgery procedures. Often moles, skin tags, and lesions can be removed with a technique that does not leave a scar. This is called shave excision and electrodesiccation. Generally, this prevents the mole from regrowing and does not leave any suture marks, scars, or visibility of the mole itself. If the mole is brown, occasionally a small amount of pigment will return. Brown spots or some pigmented lesions may be removed by using a laser. The white bumps or yellowish plaques on or about the eyelids can be removed by themselves or in combination with blepharoplasty.

The treatment of broken blood vessels or spider veins involves a simple procedure with the use of a laser with a wavelength that is directed at the obliteration of these small capillaries. This procedure usually results and in minimal discomfort and usually requires no anesthetic injection. As is the case with birthmarks, especially those classified as port wine stains, a laser may be required. Lasers are used in plastic surgery when appropriate and when another less expensive and easier method of treatment is not available.

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