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Recently, there has been an increase in the use of suction to remove fat deposits throughout the body. This procedure, suction-assisted fat removal or "liposuction", was first developed in France. After European patients received favorable results, leading cosmetic surgeons in the United States adopted the procedure and began to offer it to their patients. With the increasing interest in this method of fat removal and the development of safer instruments, liposuction has proven to be an excellent partner with which to improve the results of cosmetic surgery procedure.

I use this technique to enhance the results of other procedures my patients undergo, especially those who have fatty deposits under the chin and along the jowl line. Liposuction may be the sole treatment used for patients who are younger than the usual facelift patient. These candidates have skin which still has enough elasticity to reshape and re-contour the neckline after the procedure has been completed.

Patients who undergo liposuction should be aware that it takes between six weeks and six months to achieve the desired results. This is due to the inherent nature of the procedure which is simply breaking up the fat deposits and fat cells with a blunt instrument, a cannula, and sucking out the loose fat. Because of the swelling and reduction in the number of fat cells, the results take time to become evident.

A supportive bandage will be worn under the chin to one to two weeks. This bandage will also hide the small incision under the chin and below the earlobes. There is minimal discomfort with this procedure.

Your consultation is the time to discuss whether or not you are a candidate for suction-assisted lipectomy. Not every patient has the type of fat deposits that will be helped with liposuction.

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