In facelift surgery, the surgeon attempts to “turn back the clock”, but time does advance, and the aging process continues. The first facelift a patient has produces a dramatic effect and is done within the confines of safety in relation to the affected facial tissues. Because of the limits on my ability to tighten and stretch skin initially, a second highly effective minilift may be recommended near the end of the first year or two after the initial facelift, when the signs of aging begin to reappear.

The secondary tuck-up usually produces remarkable results and tends to last longer than the initial facelift procedure, since the second surgery has a better foundation for tightening tissue and stretching skin. Sometimes a very minor tuck-up can be performed under the chin to improve the results of the first facelift. In addition, the tuck-up usually requires less surgery than the initial surgery, and costs considerably less. The incisions and the scars for the facelift and the tuck-up operations are well-hidden and blend in such that they should not be a problem. The benefits are greatest along the neck and jowl lines. The folds and creases at the junction of the cheeks and upper lip and base of the nose are very minimally helped by a properly performed “natural” facelift. The “pulled” or “stretched” look is not at all to be expected or feared.

Patients who complete their first facelift at a relatively young age, may wish to utilize the tuck-up as part of a continuing maintenance program. This allows the patient to keep looking as good and as young as possible throughout the remainder of his or her active lift.

Patients who have had a facelift should note it is not necessary to have multiple, or more than one facelift. This is a common myth and does not apply to each case. The average person would normally have no more than two facelifts in a lifetime, but here is no limit to the number that may be performed on a given individual.


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