There is a great deal of excitement about the practice of removing one’s own fat via liposuction and re-injecting it into wrinkles, small depressions, and restoring youthful volume to one’s face similar to that as described in the section on collagen. For those patients who are allergic to collagen, fat may be the perfect alternative.

The best places to remove the fat for reinjection is believed to be from the tummy, “love handles” and thigh areas. If however, one is having fat removed from under the chin, that fat can also be used.

At one time the fate of reinjected fat was somewhat controversial and many believed that fat removed from one part of the body and injected into another part absorbed or disappeared in about the same length of time as collagen. Even I thought that was probably the case. However, over time and observation of my and other surgeons’ results, I have become one of the supporters of the technique of fat reinjection. It is an extremely popular alternative “filler” for many patients. I have found it to be a technique valuable to enhance the results of a facelift, especially when I am already liposuctioning the fat out of the neck and jowl area. It is an ideal procedure to fill in the cheek-lip and chin-lip creases. A most popular site of injection is the lips. The fat can provide an extremely long lasting fullness to the lips that has some advantages compared to Restyline (c) (another technique I am quite pleased with). Finally, in some patients, fat injection provides a good remedy for aging changes around the eyes.

As with most things, there is a strong interplay between ” the surgeon-the patient-and the technique“. In some patients it appears injected fat lasts for years, if not “permanent”. In some patients however, frequently those with significant health issues, fat will disappear in a matter of months. Those latter patients are not good candidates and hence probably another alternative should be used. It is among the reasons that your candidacy for fat grafting and injection can only really be considered via consultation.


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