Out-of-Town Patients

Dr. Fedok is a highly-regarded and trusted board-certified facial plastic surgeon at Fedok Plastic Surgery and Laser Center in Foley, Alabama. Many facial plastic surgery patients travel from out of town for Dr. Fedok’s superior surgical technique, patient care and exceptional safety standards that deliver desired results.

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Plastic Surgery for Out-of-Town Patients

Plastic Surgery for Out-of-Town Patients

We strive to ensure our patients receive high-quality support throughout their experience. Dr. Fedok works closely with each out-of-town patient, from initial virtual consultation through post-surgery recovery. Before your procedure begins, Dr. Fedok will review all aspects of your treatment plan with you in person. He will answer any questions that you may have about expected results, your recovery and/or safety concerns.

Plastic Surgery Concierge

We assist with the best recommendations for accommodations during your recovery period so that you can focus on getting well instead of worrying about travel-related details. Available options include oceanfront condos and resort hotels, as well as more economical hotels with kitchenettes. We also arrange for caregivers to stay with you after surgery for as many days as needed.

In addition, our plastic surgery concierge team can assist you with pre and post-procedure patient travel guidelines to ensure that all possible details are reviewed, including:

  • Surgical clearance from your primary care doctor.
  • Pre-surgery requirements such as an in-person consultation the day before your procedure.
  • Post-surgery recovery guidelines and recommendations on the length of your recovery stay in town for follow-up consultations to minimize potential risks before traveling back home.

Before and After Results

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Beware | Plastic Surgery Tourism

Providers in several countries outside the United States offer all-inclusive plastic surgery holiday destination packages, but this comes with a high degree of risk.  Holiday-related activities can compromise your recovery, devices may not be FDA-approved and surgical facilities may not have the same safety standards as in the USA. Additionally, your aftercare may be limited to the duration of your holiday, and your plastic surgery travel insurance may not cover all possible risks associated with traveling for plastic surgery outside the States.

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Be Safe. Travel Within the United States | Book Your Plastic Surgery with Dr. Fedok in Foley, AL

Avoid the risks associated with plastic surgery tourism and choose Fedok Plastic Surgery and Laser Center in Foley, Alabama for your out-of-town plastic surgery procedures.  Dr. Fedok has more than 30 years of experience as a facial plastic surgery specialist!  Contact us to book your virtual consultation.

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By Dr. Fedok, a well-respected and widely published double board-certified plastic surgeon whose before and after gallery, RealSelf and Google Reviews reflect his trusted expertise.

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