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Laser Resurfacing

The facelift operation itself will not remove the fine wrinkles that are most noticeable along the cheekbones, lower eyelids, and outer corners of the eyes (“crows feet”). Nor will it remove the transverse crease of the forehead, the vertical wrinkles of the upper and lower lips, or the wrinkles of the midcheek itself. Laser resurfacing is often necessary to achieve the smoother look that most patients are seeking from either eyelid or facelift surgery, since the procedures themselves cannot pull the skin tight enough to remove these lines. Dr. Fedok uses a fractional CO2 laser to improve the overall texture of the skin and enhance results.

Hair Removal

Laser hair removal with the Soprano laser is a permanent solution to unwanted body or facial hair. It uses lasers to target and destroy the hair follicles under the skin, preventing them from ever growing back. The laser energy is attracted to pigments in the hair and penetrates deep into the dermis (second layer of skin) where it destroys the targeted follicles. The heat of the laser can also cause some discomfort, but this is usually mild and brief during a treatment session.

Brown Spots and Discoloration

The Ebrium laser device utilizes high-powered picosecond laser technology (one trillionth of a second!) with ultra-short pulsed energy to treat skin discoloration from underneath the outer layer of the skin. The picosecond treatment targets melanin directly and breaks up the pigmented particles. It also activates collagen production without harming the skin and is an ideal non-invasive treatment option for skin discoloration, benign pigmented lesions, acne scars and overall skin rejuvenation.

Tattoo Removal

If you have a tattoo that you no longer want on your body, Pico laser therapy can be an ideal option. Unlike other laser devices, the Pico laser applies PressureWave technology with the energy directed at the ink particles, breaking it down for natural elimination through the lymphatic system. Dr. Fedok’s tattoo removal treatment plan is unique to each patient and the number of sessions required depends on the treatment size.

Facial Vessels and Scars

Dr. Fedok offers pulsed dye laser treatment for vascular conditions of the skin. His treatment has helped many patients struggling with rosacea, spider veins, hypertrophic scars, facial redness and port wine stains.During treatment, the problematic blood vessels absorb the light emitted from the laser device and convert the light energy into heat that destroys the visible vessels, skin pigment or vascular lesions without causing harm to the surrounding skin.


Dr. Fedok uses laser technology for the treatment of acne and acne scars.

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