Evoke Face Tightening

Dr. Fedok is a double board-certified surgeon offering radiofrequency face tightening treatment to improve sagging skin and jowls in Gulf Shores, Foley, Daphney, and Pensacola. Evoke Face Tightening Treatment consistently delivers youthful results at his Fedok Plastic Surgery and Laser Center.

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What Is Evoke Face Tightening?

What Is Evoke Face Tightening?What Is Evoke Face Tightening?

Evoke Face Tightening is a revolutionary, hands-free facial remodeling platform that utilizes patented technology to harness the power of radiofrequency (RF) energy. This non-invasive technology heats and remodels facial tissue in the cheeks, neck, and jawline, resulting in more defined facial characteristics.

How Does It Work?

Evoke: How Does It Work?Evoke: How Does It Work?

The RF energy penetrates deep into the dermis, heating the Fibro Septal Network (FSN) to remodel tissue without causing any damage to the epidermis. This allows Evoke to safely and effectively be used for all skin types, ensuring maximum results with minimal downtime. With its ability to maintain a constant temperature, Evoke helps patients achieve a more youthful complexion in just one treatment. By heating and remodeling collagen fibers, it helps restore volume and firmness to the skin for a more youthful complexion. Evoke Face Tightening is the most advanced facial remodeling technology available, and its ability to reduce wrinkles, laxity, and sagging in the face can be seen after just one treatment.

Who Are Ideal Candidates?

Evoke: Who Are Ideal Candidates?Evoke: Who Are Ideal Candidates?

The Evoke Face treatment is suitable for individuals who struggle with the appearance of loose skin in the neck and cheek area and desire a more defined jawline. Ideally, you are in good health and have no pre-existing skin conditions that may negatively affect the treatment results.

Evoke Face Tightening Benefits

Evoke Face Tightening Benefits

The Evoke facial sculpting treatment is non-invasive and delivers youthful results. Additional complimentary benefits include:

  • Helps tighten the skin and reduce visible signs of aging
  • Natural-looking results with improved skin tone and texture
  • Enhances overall facial contours and gives a more toned and defined facial appearance
  • Is an adjunct to be used before or after to enhance the results of a facelift
  • No anesthesia required – the procedure is quick, safe, and virtually painless with no side effects or downtime

Evoke Face Tightening Before & After Results

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Treatment Consultation

The Evoke Face Tightening Treatment

The Fedok Plastic Surgery and Laser Center Evoke Face Tightening procedure requires no anesthesia and is a safe and painless experience even though a numbing cream may be applied if required for your comfort. A protective gel is applied to the treatment area to ensure an even distribution of radiofrequency energy when the hands-free Evoke Face device is placed on the relevant area. Some patients experience a warm sensation during their treatment sessions.



Patients typically experience minimal to no downtime following Evoke facial remodeling. The skin may be slightly red after treatment but should subside within a few hours. Visible results can usually be seen in as little as one session and continue to improve with additional treatments.

Evoke: Recovery
Evoke: Risks and Side Effects

Risks and Side Effects

Common side effects include temporary redness, swelling, mild discomfort, or tenderness in the treated area which typically goes away within 1-2 days. It is important to follow all pre and post-procedure instructions. Contraindications would be those who have certain skin diseases, take medications that could interfere with the procedure, or those who have metal implants near the treatment area.

Book Your Evoke Face Tightening Consultation With Dr. Fedok

If you’re looking for a non-invasive way to improve your facial appearance, Evoke Face Tightening is the perfect solution. ​ Dr. Fedok is committed to providing patients with the highest quality of care and the most advanced treatments available. You can contact Dr. Fedok at the Foley office at (251) 943-6003 to learn more about Evoke Face Tightening! Alternatively, you can schedule an appointment via our online form and experience the power of revolutionary RF technology today!

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By Dr. Fedok, a well-respected and widely published double board-certified plastic surgeon whose before and after gallery, RealSelf and Google Reviews reflect his trusted expertise.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The number of Evoke treatments required varies depending on individual goals and the condition of the skin. Typically, patients may need between 3 to 6 sessions to achieve their desired results. During your consultation, Dr. Fedok will tailor a treatment plan specific to your needs.

The cost of Evoke treatment can vary based on your specific treatment plan, including the number of sessions needed to achieve your desired outcome. For a detailed quote tailored to your personalized treatment plan, please contact our office directly.

Evoke treatments produce long-lasting results. However, it is important to note that results can vary, and maintenance sessions may be recommended to prolong the effects. Factors such as aging, lifestyle, and skin care can influence the longevity of the results.

One of the advantages of Evoke treatments is the minimal downtime required. Most patients can return to their daily activities immediately after their session. There may be slight redness or warmth in the treated area, but this typically subsides within a few hours.

During your Evoke treatment, you can expect a comfortable experience. The device is designed to deliver bipolar radiofrequency energy to the subdermal layer, heating the tissue to remodel and contour the face, neck, and jawline. You will feel a warming sensation as the device works, but the procedure is generally well-tolerated with no need for anesthesia. Each session lasts approximately 30-45 minutes, during which you can relax as the Evoke technology targets facial areas for rejuvenation.

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