Surgery to correct drooping eyebrows is often combined with eyelid surgery to eliminate the problem of sagging eyelids. Rejuvenation of the upper face, in part, may be the first step in reversing the early signs of aging.

One of the first signs of aging is the droop of the outer ends of the eyebrows. This droop tends to cause the upper eyelids to bulge and be pushed down to lie almost on top of the eyelashes. Many patients complain that their eyes appear smaller or deeper set. They seem to look more sad and tired even though they don’t feel this way. Women often complain that their mascara and eyeliner usually ends up high on the upper lid shortly after being applied. In addition, the interbrow even may sag and develop deep creasing. This gives an angry look or scowl when that is not how you feel. Correcting the underlying muscular cause of this can be done with an eyebrow or forehead lift.


The drooping eyebrow may be helped by any one of three procedures. The forehead lift will help the sagging of both brows in the area between the brows at the root of the nose and decrease the wrinkles of this area and the forehead. Additionally, the forehead lift is ideal for helping to correct crows feet and temporal sagging. In selected patients, skin may be excised directly above the drooping section of the brow, or in a forehead crease just above the brow, hiding the scar in a natural crease. These procedures usually result in eyes which appear larger and more youthful looking. The added benefit is a lessening of the crow’s feet often found in the outside corners of the eye. However, to completely smooth the lines of the crow’s feet and surrounding skin, I may recommend a laser surgery or a chemical peel.

Remember that the eyebrow lift in itself will not correct excess skin of either the upper or lower lids(s). In addition, the bags caused by fat herniation at the inner corners will not be affected by the eyebrow lift procedure. However, this procedure often is effectively combined with other surgery to eliminate problems in this area. Preferably, the brow is positioned in its more youthful location in conjunction with the temporal, or forehead, portion of the facelift. However, it may be performed as an isolated procedure in many cases.

In the 1990’s an exciting technique was introduced to manage the sagging forehead. The endolift or endoscopic browlift allows the surgeon to lift and reposition the forehead with minimal incisions. This technique is particularly helpful in the patient who needs to minimize their recovery period and time off work.


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