Nanofat is one of the newer “Biologicals” that is becoming increasingly popular for facial aesthetic and reconstructive procedures.   Nanofat is much different than the harvested microfat that is used frequently at Fedok Plastic Surgery for the restoration of volume in the face and other areas of the body.  Nanofat is derived via a multi-stage morselization process performed on harvested fat.  The final active biological product contains an abundance of adipose-derived stem cells and only a limited number of fat cells.

The stem cells secrete various growth factors and promote angiogenesis (the growth of blood vessels), wound healing and potentially aid new tissue growth and development.  In some respects, the adipose-derived stem cells serve as biological messengers to multipotential local cells that then act in tissue repair and regeneration.

Studies have reported that nanofat grafts have been valuable adjuncts for:

  • Improvement and rejuvenation of aging skin
  • Reduction in wrinkles
  • Resolution of certain skin discoloration, especially around the eyes
  • Improvement in the size and resolution of scars
  • Healing of burns
  • Treatment of radiodermatitis after radiation therapy

At Fedok Plastic Surgery, nanofat has been and is only prepared exclusively from the patient’s own tissues using up-to-date, professional, sterile and clinically standardized techniques and equipment.  Such attention to detail optimizes your safety and the consistency of results.

Some clinical images of the use of Nanofat can be found here.

Information about other Biologicals can be found here.


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